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SZTR Parquet Tomović deals with the production and sale of oak and ash parquet, and at the request of the customer we also supply various other types of parquet (cherry, walnut, maple ...).

Each customer gets precise information about the humidity of the parquet, as it is always checked before delivery. Our parquet is guaranteed dry and ready for installation. Parquet Tomovic is well received abroad, which is proven by many years of continuous export to the very perishable markets of Australia and Western Europe.

Parquet floors are divided into thickness and layer so that there are two-layered, three-layer and massive parquet floors. Parquet Tomovic has massive parquet in its offer. Massive Parquet is an investment for generations. Due to the appropriate thickness it can be grinded or renewed several times. Solid massive parquet floors are of different dimensions. The length range from 200 to 600 mm, width from 46 to 80 mm and thickness is 21 mm. Entire parquet's surface should be glued to the floor surface.


Considering domestic types of wood, the oak is the most common and trustworthy tree for parquet production. Because of its longevity, good mechanical properties and noble appearance, oak has been used in history for the manufacture of articles of wood, mostly furniture, carpentry and flooring.
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Extremely reliable wood type is light yellow or white. Its hardness, combined with natural gloss, gives the room a bright and fresh look.
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SZTR Parketi Tomovic

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Free estimate! Note: transport to the place of installation is paid by the customer.
When in comes to standards in wood processing and parquet production, all stages of production meet the strictest requirements.

Examples of parquet stacking

look at the examples of classic and mosaic parquet stacking
Klasično slaganje parketa

classic stacking

Examples of parquet stacking
There are several ways of classical parquet stacking. See pictures and samples.
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Mozaik slaganje parketa

MOsAIc stacking

Examples of parquet stacking
There are several ways of mosaic parquet stacking. See pictures and samples.
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