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Instructions for maintenance and cleaning

Wood is a natural living material, and always strives to adapt to the conditions in the space. Your flooring must be properly nurtured and maintained properly. Changes in temperature and relative humidity of the area lead to shrinkage or swelling of the wood. Maintenance of wooden floors includes the protection of the final coating from scratches and the maintenance of adequate climatic conditions in the area. If you want to have a beautiful and resistant parquet, you must follow the following key rules.

Protection of the final coating from scratches:

Use the parquet carefully for the first two weeks after painting. Place high-quality mats on the entrances, which prevent the entry of sand into rooms where the parquet is located. During the initial period, after installing the parquet floor, avoid putting carpets or some other blankets on the floor parts in order to avoid differences in oxidation and change the color of the wood. Carefully place the furniture seven days after painting (you can not pull it but lift and move it), lay the flooring after a month. We recommend that you stow the protective washers on the legs of the chairs, tables and moving objects, and use the appropriate washers for the chairs with wheels (special soft rubber wheels). In the first month, we do not recommend cleaning with water or cleaning agents; in that period, we also do not recommend that you walk in the high-heeled shoes on the lacquered floor. Start cleaning the floor four weeks after the painting. Clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner (the cleaner should not be rough on the bottom) or a soft cloth. In case of expelled water or some other liquid, immediately wipe it. Wipe away from coffee, red wine or ketchup immediately so you don't leave lasting consequences. If the floors are very dirty, you need to clean them manually using a cloth. Do not use wet cloths from which the water drops because damage to the parquet can occur (the parquet can swell). .
We do not recommend rubbing floors with coarse brushes or cleaning with strong and rough cleaning agents (they can damage lacquer, moisture, and dust could penetrate the wood).
You can extend the shelf life of the lacquer if it is occasionally coated with aqueous emulsion of wax or a similar parquet care agent. In rooms where you always walk along the same narrow belt (corridors, stairs) and rooms where you walk in dirty and wet shoes, we recommend using suitable carpets. The carpets should occasionally be removed or reconciled with the fact that for some time the parquet floor under the carpet will be brighter than the rest of the parquet floor. Namely, under the influence of ultraviolet light, wood changes color. In underfloor heating it is important what kind of parquet is fitted and to what extent the instructions on the gradual increase in room temperature are respected.
Keep the room temperature between 18 and 22 ºC.

The relative humidity of the room must be maintained between 45% and 60%. During the winter period, i.e. heating season, it is necessary to control the relative humidity of the space and, if necessary, use the humidifiers of the room to maintain the desired degree of relative humidity. It is necessary to prevent the exposure of the parquet to the direct influence of the sunlight. For regular cleaning use vacuum cleaners or special cloths that attract dust. Keep the floor dry with a well drained cloth and the care agents provided for it. The choice of care agents for cleaning and maintenance of parquet depends on the type of finishing parquet. You must be aware that small cracks can not be completely avoided even if you have followed all the instructions, because the wood is a living and natural material that you can never completely overcome.
Održavajte temperaturu prostora

Before installing parquet

The floor should be at least 15 days in the room before installation for acclimatization.
It is placed on a concrete screed that must be flat, dry (maximum humidity 2%) and impregnated with suitable primers before installation.
The glued parquet should rest for some time depending on the type of adhesive before grinding. After grinding, polishing is done.
The parquet can be renovated by the special process that involves removing the old lacquer layer 1-2mm and adding the new lacquer.
If you opt for a different appearance of parquet, you can change its color by applying the process called "bajcovanje".

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