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Thermal treatment of pallets

Heat treatment and labeling of wooden packaging material

Since 13.12.2013. "Parquet Tomovic has included thermal treatment and labeling of wooden packaging material in their production assortment. Thermal treatment of wood packaging material (DMP) involves heating wood packaging material until a minimum temperature is reached in the middle of the elements of 56 degrees C, for at least 30min. 

Wooden packaging material is a wood or a product made of wood (excluding paper) for packaging, fixing, protecting or maintaining a consignment.
paleta parketa
A tree without bark is the tree from which the crust was taken off, except the vascular cambium, the crust around the adult knots and the pockets of the bark. Between rings of annual growth (gods). Drying in the chamber is the process during which the wood is dried in a closed chamber using heat or humidity control to reach the desired moisture content. Treatment is an officially approved method of destroying plant pests. Our designation is RS - 097. It is a mark on (DMP) which is internationally recognized and which denotes the wooden packaging material that is being treated.

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